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adore your blog so much, love Lucy Griffths :D

aww, thank you! <3


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TV: Lucy Griffiths Gets ‘Constantine’ Female Lead Opposite Matt Ryan

British actress Lucy Griffiths has been set for the female lead role on NBC’s comic book adaptation pilot “Constantine,” joining Matt Ryan, who landed the titular role last month. Also now cast in the pilot are “Lost” alum Harold Perrineau and “True…

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I’m not used to taking orders, but I can learn. I’d like to be a part of your gang.

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(Source: hermioneblacks)

Walking in the garden was a serpent-shaped heart and he told me
That what is broken cannot show, and less than beautiful is worse than unholy
Idolized my innocence, stole it from me in the end
Now I’m wide awakened and still paying for the poison they sold me
( x )

one nora gifset per episode → 5.02 authority always wins